10. Play With Metal - By Deval Verma, world renowned metal artist


Asmakam, 22 Sunshine Farms, A.B. Road, Indore (M.P.)

To introduce with the concept of up-cycling with metal scrap and creating an innovative environment and giving the participants a hands on experience over metal. Deval is a mechanical engineer and creative product designer. He has designed and fabricated furnishings and artifacts for companies like BMW and Harley-Davidson. Recent project was commissioned for Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board adding a feather in our cap.

Part1- Brief presentation including the introduction and importance of up-cycling, a small slideshow of the products/artefacts created by the artist.
Part2- Student exercise:
Each participant will be provided with a kit containing the required material and tools and will be guided to explore with the provided material and create artefacts/toys/products which they can take back with themselves.
Kit is mandatory for all the participants and will include metal scrap parts, adhesives and safety gloves. Cost of each kit would be Rs. 100.
#Material to be used- Laser cut metal scrap, bearings, nuts, bolts, adhesives and wires.
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