19. Home Schooling/Unschooling/Self learning workshop at Asmakam


Asmakam, Sunshine farms ab road

Asmakam is using alternative currency for registration for this workshop.

Gift a Meal is Cotfoo's small step for spreading generosity and sustainable life in the world by motivating people to offer a gift meal to a stranger or friend and request them to perform an act of kindness ( such as 'plant a tree', 'avoid plastic bag and use cloth bags', 'spend time with elders' etc ) in return of the Gift Meal their friend has offered to them. These small acts of generosity will propagate and create positive ripples in the world .

Here are the steps you need to follow -
1. Signup/login at Cotfoo
2. After Signup click on the "Gift Meal Challenge" button in the popup on Homepage.
3. Fill and Submit the form and you are all set.
4. You and your friend will receive a confirmation email.
Be ready for fun, adventure, kindness and doing some environment friendly act before attending the workshop. 
click here to register www.cotfoo.com 

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