Once Upon a Story and Ever After


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Children, Adults, Parents, Teachers, Managers ... And even between friends .. Isn't Stories the shortest distance between 2 people. Come, Join Vikram Sridhar as he takes you on a Storied Journey on the power and needs for Storytelling in 2020 amidst all the technology we are surrounded with. The importance of creating stories as a family, The greatest gift of Listening, Creating a memory bank of stories, Do we know our stories ?? he'll take us on travel into the Why, How, What, and When of Storytelling ..

About Vikram Sridhar :
Brief : Sitting behind temple elephants, nursing wounded puppies, working with various theatre groups , Vikram today combines his various interests and work over years in his Storytelling journey as a Performance Storyteller and Theatre Practitioner. Through folktales he is trying to discover our rich heritage of an Oral literature and tradition which is slowly being lost and just sitting in books . He believes in storytelling as a strong medium of conservation from nature to human relationships.

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